The DCP Data Centre Decade report provides a unique survey of the third-party Data Centre market worldwide segmented into three regions comprising the EMEA, Americas and the Asia-Pacific.

It provides a comprehensive summary of the key developments from 2010 to the end of 2019 including Data Centre space and power by region (EMEA, Asia-Pacific and Americas), the key Data Centre developments over the period, profiles of the key Data Centre Providers, the main market drivers and Data Centre acquisitions and mergers.

During the last decate, there has been considerable growth in third-party Data Centre space and power across all regions. The Carrier Neutral Data Centre Provider has gained ground in all major markets, as the facility with the most connectivity in a hub has been able to charge a price premium compared with other colocation providers.

The report also shows the key Data Centre Countries and Locations that have developed over time from 2010 to the end of 2019.

In terms of pricing, increasingly the main Data Centre Cluster hub sites in city areas can charge a price premium compared with the national average pricing in each country market. 

Additioanlly, the report provides a forecast for the next Data Centre decade (from 2020 to 2030) including forecast power and space by region and the key trends including Data Centre sustainability, design and technology trends.