Tattoo is a temporary or permanent mark made on body which is inked by inserting pigment or ink under the skin. Tattoos are associated with various sentimental and ritual beliefs among people since ancient times. Now-a-days, the tattoos market is growing at a phenomenal rate. This has led in upsurge of tattoo removal procedure as well. There are several tattoo removal procedures, which are inclusive in two broad categories namely laser and surgical procedures.

People tend to get rid of their tattoos due to various reasons. Some of these include career purposes, social environment and personal situations, which are the key driver for tattoo removal market. Moreover, change in the lifestyle and constantly changing trends has also increased the demand for tattoo removal in the market. However, high cost of the procedure primarily hinder the growth of the tattoo removal market

Key Market Trends

Laser Procedure for tattoo removal is expected to register high growth in the forecast period

Laser therapy has become one of the more preferred treatment for tattoo removal since it offers a low-risk option with minimal side effects. The procedure uses high-intensity laser (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) beams to break up the pigment colors of the tattoo.

The type of laser used generally depends upon the pigment colors. Different lasers or different settings of the same laser are needed for different colors. A Q-Switched laser is commonly used to remove tattoos. The laser selectively targets and removes the tattoo without damaging the surrounding tissue, which greatly decreases scarring. Most tattoos do require multiple treatments.

North America dominates the market

Developed North American countries like the United States and Canada, have well established healthcare systems and also spend a lot in healthcare and research and development.

According to a research by Dalia research, approximately 46% of the population in the United States and 33 % of the population in Canada has at least one tattoo on their body. Recently with increasing change in lifestyles, many people have been opting for tattoo removal procedures in these countries. Couple this with increasing technological advancement in these countries, demand for innovative tattoo removal procedures is expected to increase in this region.

Competitive Landscape

The majority of the Tattoo removal procedure equipment are being manufactured by the global key players. Market leaders with more funds for research and a better distribution system have established their position in the market. Moreover, Asia-pacific is witnessing an emergence of some small players due to the rise of awareness, which has helped the market growth.

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