Global UHT Milk Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.34% during the forecast period 2020-2025.

  • Globally, the benefits of milk consumption have led to the popularity of UHT milk, followed by a recognized significance of on-the-go consumption. The hectic lifestyles, conjoined by schedules that have led consumers to limit their in-home time, are some of the factors that have led to increasing penetration of UHT milk across households.
  • Ordinary milk is more prone to bacterial development, and UHT has garnered a growing interest over its non-refrigeration qualities. The characteristic of longer shelf life, with the stability of the product at room temperature, is another key factor that is highly likely to continue fueling the demand in the global market.

Key Market Trends

Growing Demand for Full Cream UHT Milk

UHT treatments for whole milk/full cream are done, specifically in cases where other processes are inadequate. As an example, in the production of microfiltered whole milk, the cream part of the milk, which contains fat globules, which cannot pass through the microfiltration membrane, is UHT processed and finally mixed with the microfiltered skim milk to produce an extended-shelf-life product. Toddlers less than 2 years of age, pregnant women, and bodybuilders are the ideal consumers for full-cream UHT milk, as the fat content of the milk is significantly higher than that of the skimmed and semi-skimmed UHT milk. Furthermore, the rise in the number of product innovations, such as the addition of organic and flavored content by market players, has contributed toward the growth of the industry.

North America holds a Prominent Share in the UHT Milk Market

The increasing consumer preference for on-the-go consumption in the North American region, with limited refrigeration space, leads them toward the purchase of UHT milk as it has a long shelf life. In the United States, the demand for UHT milk is largely driven by the adoption of UHT milk in the form of skimmed milk and lactose-free variants. A significant percentage of milk sold in the region as organic food is UHT treated. In California, UHT processes for milk are issued by the state Department of Health Services. Such involvement of regulatory bodies has, therefore, boosted the consumers’ trust with regards to the product, thus propelling the growth of the market.

Competitive Landscape

There are strong competitors with a diversified product portfolio, leading to intense competition among the existing players. The leading players in the UHT milk market enjoy a dominant presence across the globe. Brand loyalty among the consumers gives these companies an upper edge. The consumers in the market are craving for new and innovative products to accommodate their personal life. Seeking opportunities in the trend, the companies are constantly trying to offer the consumers with new and innovative launches that specifically meet their demands. Some of the major players in the market are Nestle SA, Groupe Lactaliis SA, Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited, Danone Group among others.

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