The motion control market is growing alongside machine tools, robotics, packaging machinery, semiconductors, electronics, among others, being vulnerable to fluctuations in downstream market. In 2018, China’s motion controller market size edged up by 3.5% to RMB7.358 billion, but it slipped by 4.2% or so on a like-for-like basis in 2019 due to the shrinking demand in machine tools, packaging equipment and textile equipment, and would expectedly drop by 4.6% as a result of weak demand from industries whose operating rate is low under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Motion controllers will find ever wider application as a crucial part to intelligent equipment thanks to the strategies like "Made in China 2025" and “Industry 4.0”, industrial upgrading, restructuring in equipment manufacturing, higher automation of machinery and equipment as well as the broadening application. Chinese motion controller market will be climbing at a steady pace between 2021 and 2026.

In China, motion controllers are divided into 1) PC-based controllers which are widely used in electronics, EMS, etc., 2) dedicated controllers available in wind power, photovoltaic, robotics and molding machinery, and 3) PLC-based controllers suitable for rubber, automobile, metallurgy and other industries.

In 2019, PC-Based motion controller commanded 34.6% market shares, dedicated controller 37.8% and PLC motion controller 27.6%. PC-based type will sweep more and more shares as there is an ever higher demanding on motion control, beating the other types of motion controller.

In the Chinese motion controller market, a great number of companies from Europe, Japan and America master the state-of-the-art technologies and enjoy superiorities in the high-end market, but the Chinese counterparts are chasing closely with remarkable breakthroughs in technology and with a narrowing gap with foreign powers, but they are engrossed in the medium and low-end markets, such as Googol Technology, Weihong Electronic, and Leadshine.

In 2019, Syntec, Simens and LNC Technology were the three leaders in the Chinese motion controller market, among which Siemens took lead in PLC field, Syntec and LNC Technology were committed to special NC system, while Advantech and Googol Technology advanced fast in PC-based motion controller.

Highlights of the report:
Chinese motion control industry (global and Chinese market size, servo system and stepping system);
Chinese motion controller market (policies, market size/structure, competitive landscape and development trends);
Chinese motion controller market segments (market size and competition pattern);
Downstream markets of motion controller in China;
22 motion controller companies in China (operating results, motion controller business, etc.)