Thousands of birds collide with aircraft and other installations like windmills and these incidents cannot be completely eradicated, however these incidents can be minimized. Bird strikes are estimated to cost over USD 2 billion each year due to aircraft loss and damage, out of service delays and lost lives. Bird strikes also result in the loss of lives of many endangered species of birds through collisions with windfarms. Bird Detection system is generally a system consisting of a device which is used for detection and monitoring of birds.

Bird population around the world has been on the rise. The total number of birds estimated around the world is approximately close to 100 billion. Global Air Traffic is also on the rise. In 2018, 4.3 billion passengers were carried on scheduled services, which was 6.4% higher than the previous year. The number of departures reached 37.8 million in 2018 which was a 3.5 per cent increase as compared to the previous year. Passenger traffic measured in terms of total scheduled revenue passenger-kilometers performed (RPKs), increased to 8258 billion RPKs in 2018. This was a 7.1 percent increase as compared to the previous year.

The Global market for Bird Detection Systems is estimated at around USD 102 Million in 2020 and the market is expected to grow to around USD 195 Million by 2028. The CAGR of the market is accounted at around 8%. The installations at the airports are expected to drive this market. The impact due to the Corona crisis is also covered in detailed in this report in a separate chapter.

The report is aimed at:
  • The Key drivers, restraints and challenges which are expected to shape the Global Bird Detection Systems market are covered in detailed in the report.
  • The key technologies which could have an impact on the Bird Detection Systems Market have been covered in detail.
  • The top ten countries have been analyzed in detail with respect to the deployment of bird detection systems at their airports and windfarms, as well as the bird species and bird population in those countries.
  • The Porter’s Five Forces and the PEST of the Bird Detection Systems market have been covered in the report.
  • The high growth markets have been identified in the Opportunity Analysis Chapter.
  • The market has been forecasted from 2020- 2028 considering all the factors, which are expected to impact the market.
  • The Scenario Analysis Chapter covers the key scenarios and its impacts on the forecast chapter.

Segmentation covered in this report
The market is segmented on the basis of Region, Type, and Application:
Region Wise Segmentation:
-    North America
-    Europe
-    APAC
-    Middle East
-    ROW

By Application
-    Military Airports
-    Civilian Airports
-    Windfarms
-    Others

Country Level Analysis
-    USA
-    China
-    France
-    Russia
-    UK
-    Germany
-    Italy
-    Australia
-    Canada
-    Israel
-    Netherlands
-    Singapore
-    Japan
-    India
-    Brazil
-    UAE
-    Spain
-    Portugal
-    Denmark
-    Belgium
-    Sweden

Reasons to buy
  • The new players in the Bird Detection Systems market and the potential entrants into this market can use this report to understand the key market trends that are expected to shape this market in the next few years.
  • The Market Analysis Chapter cover the Key Drivers, Restraints and Challenges in the Bird Detection Systems Market Report.
  • The PEST and the Porter’s five forces are covered in detailed in this report.
  • The key technologies that could impact the Bird Detection Systems Market have been covered in detail. This includes Infrared, Radar, Lidar, and Electro Optic technologies
  • The report can be used by sales and marketing team to formulate their medium- and long-term strategies and to reconfirm their short-term plans.
  • The forecast chapter would help the sales team to formulate their medium-term sales plan.
  • The report would be help to the sales and the marketing team to understand the key segments across the top ten countries which have been analyzed in the report.
  • The Opportunity Analysis chapter identifies the key hot spots within the Global Bird Detection Systems.
  • The company profiles include financials, latest news, contracts and SWOT for around 10 companies.

Who is this report for?
  • Bird Detections Systems Manufacturers: The report would be beneficial to manufacturers of Bird Detection Systems for both the Airports as well as windfarms.
  • Bird Deterrent Systems Manufacturers: The Bird Detection Systems and the Bird Deterrent Systems Market complement each other; this report would help Bird deterrent systems manufacturers to understand the future buying trends of this market.
  • Financial Institutions: The financial institutions like the financial brokers and the banking institutes can use this report to evaluate their funding or investment strategies.
  • Windfarm Infrastructure Companies: The companies who are involved in development of windfarm infrastructure can use this report to understand the technologies involved in bird detection system, this would help them choose the suitable bird detection system for their farm.
  • Airport Authorities: The Airport Authorities from around the world could use this report to understand top bird detection companies and trends related to the market from around the world. This would give them an overall perspective of potential markets.
  • Decision Makers: The future investment and technology focus decisions could be formulated based on the inputs of this report.
  • Other Organizations: Various other NGO and Non- Governmental organizations involved with the bird behavior studies can use this report to support their research.