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Global Chiral Chemicals Market Analysis – 2018-2027
Chiral chemicals are a special class of compounds, which contains an asymmetrical carbon center in the molecule. The chiral molecules are non-superimposable on their mirror image, which are known as enantiomers or optical isomers. The global chiral chemicals market is anticipated to achieve a CAGR of around 12% during the forecast period, i.e. 2018-2025. Factors such as rising focus of the government of nations on manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, growing investments of manufacturers in the emerging economies around the world along with the increasing worldwide demand for specialty and agrochemicals in the end user industries are contributing towards the growth of the global chiral chemicals market. Additionally, advancements in the pharmaceutical industry, increasing use of chiral chemicals in end user industries owing to superior chemical properties possessed by chiral chemicals and the growing need for medicines for consumption by the geriatric population are some of the factors anticipated to drive the growth of the global chiral chemicals market.

The global chiral chemicals market consists of various segments that are segmented by method, application and by region. The application segment is further sub-divided into agrochemical, pharmaceutical and others. Out of these segments, the pharmaceutical segment, which held a market share of around 68% in the year 2018 is anticipated to grow with a CAGR of around 11% over the forecast period and cross a value of around USD 71000 million by the end of 2025.

Based on region, the global chiral chemicals market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East & Africa. The market in Asia Pacific, which had accounted for around 25% share in the year 2018, is estimated to cross a value of around USD 26000 million by the end of 2025 and further attain an absolute $ opportunity of around USD 13000 million during the forecast period.

Some of the affluent industry leaders in the global chiral chemicals market are Bachem AG, BASF SE, The Dow Chemical Company, Solvias AG, Johnson Matthey, W.R. Grace & Co.-Conn., Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Agilent Technologies, Inc., Albemarle Corporation and Alps Pharmaceutical Ind. Co., Ltd.