Blockchain is finally overcoming early confusion and hype. It is a spectrum technology that can be applied to achieve many possible outcomes.
Its best uses are in the creation of trusted digital connective tissue in open, complex ecosystems and in the programmatic creation of digital value where it cannot be easily be replaced by centralized systems. It can be used to disrupt and should not be ignored.

Used to enable ecosystem-scale digital transformation, effective blockchain solutions are context-dependent. The technology is hyper-modular and hyper-specific. As an emerging industry, it is hyper-democratized, hyper-dynamic, and highly fragmented. It is challenging convention in every domain. For these reasons, it is best understood when seen through a systems lens. From this perspective, the industry looks like an enterprise blockchain multiverse.

Blockchain is at an inflection point reaching enterprise minimum viable product. The enterprise space represents the lion's share of the global productive economy, and big players are targeting the digital transformation of high-value ecosystems. We expect to see profound developments through 2026 and beyond as blockchain is used to automate process flows in multiple domains.

We have been covering the technology industry for more than 25 years. Because the coming era of software and IT development is more complex and dynamic than ever, this study leverages a new paradigm for analysis that includes systems thinking, complexity theory, network theory, and game theory. The goal is to prepare readers for a blockchain-enabled world by setting the context for understanding the enterprise outcomes and potential effects that the wide-scale adoption of this technology set will have on their businesses and operations.

  • How do you get your hands around an industry that is fragmented and global in scope, and plan in this context?
  • Why are blockchain solutions so relevant to our times?
  • What industry transformations are likely to arise from the broad adoption of enterprise blockchain, and what complex dynamics will challenge and constrain them?
  • What are the current and the forecasted end states of the enterprise blockchain services industry, and what might the roadmap look like at an industry scale?
  • What solutions and services are available today?
  • Where are the ecosystem hot spots of development?
  • Which companies, organizations, and institutions are leading the way?
  • How should companies, organizations, and institutions position in their relevant ecosystems?
  • How can you begin to develop ecosystem strategies?
  • What capabilities and competencies will be needed to navigate through the coming transitions and thrive?