Artificial intelligence (AI) will hold as a key enabler in transforming the automotive industry. Currently, the automotive industry is focusing on integration of AI in self-driving cars, while other application areas include R&D, procurement, supply chain management, manufacturing, mobility services, and customer experience.

Automotive manufacturers are currently working on implementing a range of AI technologies to mimic, augment and support actions of humans, including voice controls, telematics, interior-facing cameras, touch sensitive surfaces and personalized platforms. In-car assistants powered by natural language processing (NLP) and machine enable vehicle’s to respond to voice commands and infer the actions to take, without human intervention. AI systems are also being implemented in vehicles to provide more safety, ensuring users to enjoy a glitch free and smoother experience.

This presentation will touch on:
  • Types of AI technologies deployed in vehicles
  • Key application areas of AI within the automotive value chain – Use case examples
  • Companies that are actively involved in the development and commercialization of automotive-based AI technology
  • Highlight some of the key investments trends
  • Key initiatives and regulations pertaining to AI in automotive sector