This research service titled “Growth Opportunities for Superalloys,” provides an understanding of different types of initiatives taken by researchers in the superalloys technology domain or the development of the l high performance material for medium to extremely high temperature applications. Global and regional funding by key stakeholders and research organizations are highlighted in this study. Key strategies opted by stockholders such as new product launches, collaborative agreements, partnerships and even acquisitions in past few years are highlighted. The information on innovation ecosystem and industry initiatives gives an understanding of the future focus areas of material developers and insights on what the initiatives to be undertaken to gain leadership in the superalloys technology segment.
The research service also captures key innovations, manufacturing processes, technology capabilities, and future prospects of all three types of superalloys such as nickel-based superalloy (Ni-based superalloy), cobalt-based superalloy (Co-based superalloy), and iron-based superalloy (Fe-based superalloy). Moreover, it also captures the various factors that influence adoption and the application prospects in various industries such as aerospace, gas turbine engines, oil & gas, marine, chemical processing and heat exchangers.