Nanomaterials play a very important role in the development of coatings. The introduction of innovative nanomaterials, such as graphene, carbon nanotubes, and cellulose nanofibers, in the coating industry has increased the demand for nanocoatings over the past few years. Nanocoatings as compared to conventional coatings offer better processing, functional, as well as material properties. The growing need for nanocoatings in the medical industry and automotive industry are likely to propel the demand for nanocoatings over the coming years.

Additionally, growing demand for self-cleaning textiles and electronics with waterproof properties are fueling innovations in nanocoatings. The conventional coating industry is associated with solvent-based formulations, which pose the risk of volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions. Many manufacturers in the field of nanocoatings are developing water-based formulations for various industrial needs, which are likely to have high potential over the coming years. Research advances in nanocoating deposition techniques are likely to bring lucrative opportunities to the manufacturers operating in the nanocoatings industry.