Ceramic nanofibers are considered as 1D nanostructures of ceramics, with the most predominantly metal oxide ceramics. The reduced size of the ceramic nanofibers in comparison to their bulk counterparts such as ceramic fibers results in varied physiochemical and structural characteristics, thereby, expanding their application potential.

This research service titled, “Application Assessment of Ceramic Nanofibers,” analyzes the applications of the material in both structural and non-structural applications. This research service includes a holistic analysis of the different types of ceramic nanofibers that have the potential to replace existing ceramic fibers and other materials with similar functionalities. Insights are provided on the key companies that have been involved in upgrading the stability, performance, and cost-effectiveness demanded from material. Discussion of geography- wise developments and technology trends have also been analyzed and incorporated into the research service, along with insights on the future scope and the road ahead for technology developers.