The commercial UAS platform market continues to grow, but the growth rate is slowing. The market is maturing to the point where companies, both institutional users and third-party services providers, understand what platforms, subsystems, software, and operating procedures work best to achieve repeatable results and a high return on investment. Hence, companies that have adopted drones are beginning to focus on expanding current operations so they can produce even better results at scale. Drone operators are also developing and/or integrating hardware and software technologies that increase the level of autonomy in both drone operation and drone data-related workflows. The overall commercial UAS market is transitioning from a nascent market to a growth market but several opportunities for significant targeted growth remain.

Research Scope

The total commercial UAS market size was developed from historical data related to small drone sales, average prices, regional demand, and industry insider estimates. Several additional inputs, including information from primary interviews of industry participants and current as well as forecast sales trends from top competitors, were included to develop a platform market forecast removed from the hype-related estimates promoted by several competing research services. Estimates and competitive landscape information includes:
  • A listing of competitors in the most crucial segments of the commercial drone ecosystem
  • A description of how the commercial drone market has evolved over time
  • Commercial drone market trends
  • Commercial drone technology trends
  • Projected unit sales and revenue estimates of commercial drone platforms by segment and region
  • Descriptions of global hot spots for commercial drone use and related applications
Key Features

The goal of this report is to provide an outlook of the commercial UAS market for 2020 and beyond, to include discussions of global and regional platform demand, technology trends, market trends, growth opportunities within the market, and key technologies and developments that are likely to affect, and even drive, the future ecosystem.

Key Issues Addressed
  •  What are the current trends in the commercial UAS market?
  •  What technologies are driving the commercial UAS market?
  •  Where are the growth opportunities in the commercial UAS market?
  •  What does the current commercial UAS market landscape look like?
  •  What technologies will be emphasized as the market continues to mature?
Key Conclusion

This outlook also contains a number of market predictions based on an evaluation of current and expected trends. These predictions were made after consulting with several industry insiders and included discussions with several of the top of competitors in the commercial drone services market.