This Decennial Strategy Review, published at the turn of the decade, reviews the strategy evolution & progression for General Dynamics Land Systems/GDELS through a mixed decade for the industry following the winding up of allied war operations across Iraq & Afghanistan war theatres by the early part of decade leading to a slump in defense spending through the middle of the decade. The resurgence of Russia as a key regional power as well as a constant threat to be reckoned with for Europe and the rapid development of military capabilities by China has triggered the onset of a major upswing in global defense spending over the past couple of years, with the same reaching one of the highest levels, since the post cold war low of 1998, driven by the radical transformation of geopolitical dynamics and equations with the dismantling of traditional rule based world order and the transition away from the typical uni-polar world.

GDLS/GDELS has been a key force to be reckoned with in the global armored vehicles market, both across North America & the Europe, with a potent product & capabilities portfolio developed scrupulously through a series of acquisitions across both continents over decades. The Abrams MBT, Stryker & LAV wheeled armored vehicles families, ASCOD armored fighting vehicle and Eagle & Duro LTVs have traditionally formed the core of GD’s product portfolio with the derivative product strategy underpinning it which has led to GDLS winning a series of big ticket vehicle modernization & replacement programs across key markets through the decade, led by the British AJAX program, growing orders for Piranha APCs & IFVs across Europe along with sustainment as well as capabilities upgrade orders across platforms. GDLS/GDELS, however, faces tremendous competitive intensity from arch rivals BAE Systems & Rheinmetall across most key markets & regions in the rapidly evolving age of disruptive technologies, led by digitalization, additive manufacturing, unmanned & optionally manned operating capabilities & artificial intelligence, which have been leading the way in this current phase of demand upswing.

This decennial review, thus, takes a macro view of the strategic developments and reviews the strategy pursuit & execution by the company over the 2010-2019 period and assesses its strategic significance as well as business impact & outcome for the company at the turn of the decade. The report, therefore, is going to be quintessential & a must have for those looking for a longitudinal view, perspective and analysis on the company from a strategy perspective.

Relevance & Usefulness

  • Provides a macro view and longitudinal analysis from a strategy perspective quickly
  • Comprehensive review of the strategic decisions by the company through the decade & the road ahead
  • Unique, niche, focused & rooted deeply in the Strategy Domain
  • Strategic Planning & Decision-Making process
  • Analysis of Strategy outlook for the company for the near to medium term horizon
  • Based on Microsoft PowerPoint platform being custom-built for Meetings & Presentations

For Whom:
The report is a niche, key and vital information resource on GDLS/GDELS with its unique disposition & strategy focus. The report would be quintessential for those having strategic interest in the Company and all those with strategic interest & stakes in the Global Armored Vehicles Market. The report will be extremely useful for Key Decision-Makers, Program Managers, Global Procurement Managers, Defense Contracting Executives & Departments, Top Management of Industry Players & Other Companies, Industry OEMs, Suppliers, Vendors, Associated Equipment Manufacturers and other Key Players in the Industry Value Chain. The report will also be useful for existing & potential Investors, Industry & Company Analysts, M&A Advisory Firms, Strategy & Management Consulting Firms, PE Firms, Venture Capitalists, Financing & Leasing Companies, Researchers and all those associated with the industry/sector.