The economic and financial destruction unleashed by a microscopic virus on the Global scale was unimaginable until a few months ago. The epidemic has resulted in deaths, financial meltdowns and unemployment at unprecedented levels.

The economic power houses, like US and China who rule the Global economy are trying their best to contain the unstoppable. The past epidemics have taught us that, it will end soon, however with collateral damage and the time to recover is uncertain.

The Market Info Group (MIG) COVID-19 Global Economy slide deck intends to capture the expected economic impacts at the Country and Industry levels.

The first section deals with the key pillars that shape the Global Economy, of which one is Technology. The key technologies that are expected to shape the Global economy are AI, Big data, IoT and 3D Printing.

The second section covers the impact of the past epidemics compared to COVID-19 and its economic impacts on the Global Economic power houses. The top 15 economies that lead the Global GDP have been considered for this study. A detailed analysis of the past epidemics, Epidemic Response Index and the GDP impact due to Corona have been discussed at the country level.

The third section of the study includes a detailed analysis of 12 industries, each of the industry sections covers their revenues over the past two decades and the revenue impact due to Corona. The section also covers an impact analysis of individual industries. Automotive, ICT, Healthcare and Semiconductors are examples of a few industries which have been covered in this section.

It is important to note that this report is prepared based on the current information and the dynamics could change if the epidemic continues. As far as Corona continues to smile, the Global economy would continue to bleed. The role reversal would give rise to a new outlook and level of preparedness across all industrial sectors. Until then, the best option is to hope that the ordeal ends soon.

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