An integrated digital microscope, in contrast to the traditional optical microscope, displays the image output directly on a monitor instead of an eyepiece. Thus, the sample can be viewed instantly and easily on a desktop, with the user in a comfortable position. The data can also be analyzed and shared with others with ease. This enables rapid imaging and analysis of live cells in an incubator environment or a closed laminar flow cabinet for long duration, as well as high content imaging.

Available in desktop, incubator-compatible, handheld, and wireless pocket-friendly formats, the integrated digital microscopy industry is driven by the technology advancements of the microscope components, improvements in the capabilities of digital camera, demand for ergonomics and ease in data transfer, and emerging advanced life science applications, which require digital microscopes.

This research service (RS) is a study on the technology innovations and emerging applications of integrated digital microscopy. The RS will also focus on the drivers and challenges in the digital microscopy industry. Emerging growth opportunities and IP activity in the area of the integrated digital microscopy have also been discussed.