Key Findings
The Europe telepresence robots market is evaluated to reach a CAGR of 15.93% during the estimated period of 2020-2028. Various leading companies in Europe are expanding their presence geographically, which has subsequently increased the need for telepresence robots in the region. Most of the companies in the region have been rapidly adopting telepresence robots for enterprise applications for virtual and remote meetings.

Market Insights
The European telepresence robots market is further segregated for market growth research into countries such as Belgium, France, Poland, Germany, Russia, the UK, Italy, and the rest of Europe that includes the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, and other countries. Russia is promoting government-funded programs for building a strong foothold in the robotics industry. For example, Wicron, a Russia-based telepresence robot manufacturer, performs R&D with financial support from the Skolkovo Foundation. Rbot is one of the leading players of the telepresence robot in Russia. Belgium has been an adapter of the robot technology over the years. In 2016, two hospitals added an innovative staff member to their reception desks humanoid robots called Pepper. In 2017, almost 69% of the Belgian workforce was employed by SMEs, and there were about 1.1 million SMEs in the country.
In Poland, the industrial robot installations were continuously growing in 2016, owing to the increasing demand from small and medium enterprises. Since these enterprises operate within a limited budget, and most of their manufacturing is of high mix and low volume in nature, telepresence robots provide them with a cost-effective option and flexible communication. In Spain, programs like ’The SME Initiative Spain’ will not only drive national economic growth, but also strengthen industries to cater to the global demand. Telepresence robot technology and its growth potential are actively utilized by the European nations such as Sweden, Netherlands, among others.

Competitive Insights
Inbot Technology, AXYN Robotique, R.BOT, Mantaro Networks Inc, Telepresence Robotics Corporation, etc. are some of the prominent companies functioning in the region.
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