This study is focused on the fast developing global 3D printing market. The study offers an overview of the numerous applications 3D printing technology supports. It examines the advent of new materials, evolution of design, and enhancements in speed and resolution of print.

3D printing technology has strongly established its position in the aerospace and automotive industries during recent years with its flexible and powerful techniques. This advantageous factor that has enticed major industrial participants is now slowly penetrating into other commercial markets, such as building and construction, FMCG and the fashion and fabric industries. The study elaborates on the various types of companies, technologies, materials, software and hardware solutions that have gained increased attention over the past few years.

The various insights into the global technology trends will help industrial market participants/ customers identify the right economic growth strategy.

Key Questions Addressed in this report:
  • What is the Significance of 3D Printing in Manufacturing ?
  • What are the key trends and focus areas?
  • What are the consequences driving adoption?
  • What is the impact of 3D printing in commercial and non-commercial applications ?
  • What is the technology impact level in different market segments ?
  • What are the various factors affecting 3D printing market growth ?
  • What is the role and growth of materials, hardware and software solutions in 3D printing ?
  • Which segment of the 3D printing market has high innovators ?
  • What are the Emerging Innovations in the 3D Printing Market ?
  • What are the emerging concepts impacting the 3D printing market ?
  • In which direction is the market moving ?