Key Findings
The protein sequencing market of Asia Pacific is estimated to register the highest CAGR of 7.77% during the forecast period of 2020-2028. The remarkable developments in China and Japan for the incorporation of new technologies, and the progress of the healthcare sector, are the primary factors driving the market in the region.

Regional Insights
The high growth rate of the Asia Pacific protein sequencing market is studied further by segregating the region into Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Australia & New Zealand, Thailand, and the rest of Asia Pacific that includes Malaysia, Singapore, and others. In Indonesia, the market is witnessing a steady growth due to the flourishing pharmaceutical industry. State driven developments and development in the private sector are stimulating impressive growth across the healthcare industry. The growing middle class and rising aging population in Indonesia and refurbishing of public health insurance contribute to the demand for healthcare services, leading to increased demands in the market. In countries like Thailand, the market is witnessing a steady growth due to developments in the biotech sector. Thailand is the center of many well-established pharma companies and world tech labs, and is ready to accept the new surge of advanced biotech development.
In Vietnam, the market is growing at a steady rate due to developments in the pharmaceutical sector. The growing status of Vietnam as a reliable junior partner with the US and other economically advanced countries can be transformed into an international start-up hub for long-term, complex ventures like biopharmaceutical development, which will supplement the market growth prospects of the region.

Competitive Insights
Shimadzu Corporation, Water Corporation, Agilent Technologies, Inc, Bruker Corp., and Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, etc. are some of the leading companies functioning in the region.
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