Increased urban penetration coupled with the rapid expansion of cities have resulted in a lot more dependence on resources such as water, energy, environment, infrastructure, and other basic utilities. This has also resulted in spikes in congestion and pollution. Such stress on city resources has forced government institutions and municipalities to look at alternative means of managing cities. This has brought about a move toward smart solutions that are more sustainable, green, and resourceful. Smart cities are cities built on smart solutions and technology that will lead to the adoption of intelligent and seamless transportation and other sustainable plans.
The goal of a smart city is to solve major problems through modern management and greater interaction between citizens and institutions to achieve a better quality of life.

The study looks to identify the unique intelligent transport strategies adopted by major smart cities from a global perspective. It focuses on various developments in this segment, including their current and future outlook. It also presents a general overview of the disruptive technologies, data and digital strategies and various smart city initiatives.

Existing 3G/4G networks may not be able to handle the advanced technologies in use in smart cities. 5G can act as an enabler of smart nations as it can provide the necessary technological support that can boost the efficiency of select smart city projects.

As billions of connected devices join the Internet of Things (IoT) in the next few years, various communication technologies will enable the transformation of and the easy accessibility to complex hybrid intelligence for transportation solutions enabling a city to become smarter.

Research Scope

  • Case studies and profiles of cities where unique intelligent transportation strategies are being adopted
  • Strategic imperatives for the growth and success of a smart mobility market
  • The current challenges faced by the cities and how they are planning to solve them
  • Key mobility statistics
  • Technology trends and outlook
  • Data and digital strategies
  • Identify the innovations in the mobility value chain and the roadmap
  • Learn about different smart city initiatives

Key Issues Addressed

  • What are the global mobility challenges and how are countries addressing them?
  • What are the emerging disruptive technologies in the area of transportation? 
  • What are the various technology trends and outlooks for the development of smart city?
  • What are the key transport strategies for the city and the future roadmap?
  • What are the data and digital strategies the cities are undertaking to become smart?
  • Which are the cities that have adopted unique mobility services?