This research evaluates the state of 5G monetization with a focus on the importance of fixed wireless access as a critically important offering from carriers to business customers.  This report includes market analysis and forecasts that cover LTE Advanced Pro and 5G for fixed network access from 2020 to 2025.

5G fixed wireless access will be especially important for interconnection to private wireless networks for enterprise, industrial, and government clients. In particular, 5G will provide a viable alternative to fiber connectivity for smart factories, office buildings, warehouses and other enterprise and industrial facilities.

In terms of the radio access network (RAN), there are some substantial challenges to overcome with 5G RAN. For example, the 5G new radio component that leverages millimeter wave (mmWave) RF has a high degree of attenuation (loss over the air and when hitting solid objects) than lower frequencies used in LTE. 

The higher frequency mmWave RF is largely line of sight based because of the high degree of fading. This works great for point-to-point applications, such as fixed wireless, but represents a significant challenge for mobility-related applications. This is one of the biggest factors driving the need for carriers to focus on fixed and portable solutions initially.