This report evaluates the current state of the wearable technology ecosystem including devices, applications, and industry segments. The report addresses wearables in consumer and business use cases, key challenges, market players, and solutions. The report also provides an outlook for the future of wearable technology with forecasts for the period 2020 to 2025.

Wearable technology presents the potential for massive transformation in many industries. The more obvious ones include consumer electronics and communications. Early adopter industries include clothing, healthcare, sports and fitness. However, Mind Commerce sees many industries adopting wearable technologies as computing and wireless communications integrate wearable into virtually every aspect of products and services.

At the consumer level, increased perception of value and willingness to engage in wearable tech apps and services is building as new forms of communications, content, applications, and commerce become available. As WiFi6 is increasingly deployed in various public venues such as train stations and airports, companies will offer virtual reality as a means of infotainment and advertising, which will drive wearable technology sales and rentals. In addition, new consumer users of immersive technology will drive adoption and usage of wearable technology due to improved portability and mobility associated with 5G.
Mind Commerce sees several factors converging to facilitate wearable technology integration including expanded wireless capacity due to pervasive wireless (WiFi6, LTE, and 5G) and the need for wireless companies to establish new revenue streams, continuously decreasing cost of data, and the significant backing from huge companies including Google, Apple, and others. We also see developments in key technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and next generation telepresence.

In terms of wearable technology evolution, we see body area networks becoming a larger factor along with IoT integration involving sensors and haptic interfaces to provide feedback loop that provide ambient awareness, increased performance, and user satisfaction for many immersive technology applications.

Target Audience:
  • Internet of Things companies
  • Wireless device manufacturers
  • Consumer electronics companies
  • Wearable technology developers
  • Embedded computing companies
  • Wireless service providers of all types
Select Report Benefits:
  • Forecasts for all major wearable tech areas 2020 to 2025
  • Identify drivers and challenges for wearable technology adoption and usage
  • Learn about new wearable technology business models such as pay-per-gaze
  • Identify market leaders and strategies within the wearable technology ecosystem
  • Understand the importance of consumer privacy and security for wearable operation
Select Report Findings:
  • North America and South America are the largest and fastest growing markets respectively
  • Wearable technology data as a managed service will reach $220 million USD globally by 2025
  • Leading industries for wearable technology will be healthcare, sports and fitness, and manufacturing
  • While fastest growing area within enterprise, hospitality services will remain small fraction of the market
  • Driven by manufacturing, industrial sector in Europe is anticipated to represent an over $800 million by 2025
Companies in Report:
  • Actofit Wearables
  • Alphabet Inc.
  • Athos
  • BBK Electronics
  • HTC
  • Huawei
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Leapfrog Enterprises Inc.
  • LG Electronics
  • Lifesense Group B.V.
  • Magic Leap
  • Matrix Industries
  • Medtronic PLC
  • Meta Vision
  • Microsoft
  • Misfit
  • Motorola
  • Nike Inc.
  • North
  • NTT DoCoMo Inc.
  • Oculus (Facebook)
  • Ocutrx
  • o-synce
  • PAI Health
  • Polar Electro
  • Proteus
  • Qardio Inc.
  • Reebok International Limited
  • Roche Holding AG
  • Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
  • ShotTracker
  • Smiths Group plc
  • Sony Corporation
  • Soundbrenner Limited
  • Sqord Inc.
  • Stanford Biology
  • StarVR Corp
  • Suunto
  • Timex.com Inc.
  • Tobii AB
  • Vivalnk
  • Vuzix
  • Weartrons Labs
  • Westunitis
  • WizardWatch
  • Xensr
  • Xiaomi Technology Co. Ltd.
  • Zepp US Inc.
  • ZTE Corporation