The European facility management (FM) market is worth almost a quarter of a trillion dollars today. Although overall market growth is fairly flat, it will provide exciting opportunities in specific geographies, segments, and delivery models in the period to 2025.

In spite of the significant revenue opportunity for outsourced FM, services are commoditizing across Europe and organic growth is hard to find. The industry will move towards service integration and sophisticated advisory services focused on productivity, user experience, and sustainability.

The countries of Europe are at various stages of market development, but there are several common themes. As markets mature, suppliers need a sharp focus on detailed segmentations and industry trends to identify growth opportunities. For example, growth in integrated facility management (IFM) will outstrip all other delivery models. Meanwhile, the private sector will account for the most demand (approximately two-thirds of the total revenue) throughout the forecast period, although the public sector will show faster growth.

In terms of geography, the United Kingdom and northern Europe are the best established and most sophisticated markets, but growth here is limited. The fastest growth will be seen in Spain, Germany, and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Soft services account for over 65% of the market but have lower growth expectations than hard/technical services and additional services (including energy management and environmental services).

This study provides a detailed quantitative analysis of the European FM market to 2025, including revenue forecasts, competitive analysis, and detailed segmentations by delivery model, service type, customer sector, and country.

FM suppliers across Europe are facing low growth and margin pressure as well as fierce price pressure from competition. Companies must focus on the right customer sectors, service segments, delivery models, and regions to align themselves with future growth opportunities.

  • What is the current outlook of the European FM market?
  • What are the transformational trends in the FM market from now to 2025?
  • What is the forecast for the European FM market for 2025?
  • Which regional markets offer the most attractive growth for FM providers?
  • What is the FM market vision for 2025 by country?
  • Which customer segments offer the best opportunities?
  • What types of FM services are growing and why?
  • What are the market trends by service delivery model?
  • What are the top technology and service opportunities expected in the FM market by 2025?
  • What are the changes that will occur in the competitive FM landscape by 2025?