The Global Medicated Feed Additives Market is projected to register a CAGR of 6.5% during the forecast period.

  • Increasing incidences of zoonotic and foodborne diseases, which have high chances of being naturally transmitted from animals to humans, has led to increasing usage of key feed additives that can minimize the incidence of such diseases in farm animals.
  • Animal-based medicated feed are proven to be necessary in regulating the metabolism and ensure good health. The increase in health awareness in Asia-Pacific has led to a surge in the demand for plant and animal protein. However, the recent epidemic outbreaks have made the meat quality a critical issue, especially in regions, like Europe and North America. The increase in the application of animal protein in the area has exerted massive pressure on livestock farmers, who are gradually shifting to various scientific methods of farming.

Key Market Trends

Antibiotic Ban Leading to Growth in Other Segments

The usage of antibiotics in the food system as a whole is causing increasing concerns among regulatory bodies in many countries. As early as 2006, the European Union banned the usage of antibiotics in animal feed. From 2017, the United States Food & Drug Administration has banned the use of antibiotics as animal feed supplements. With many countries and regions expected to follow suit, the focus has shifted to other additives that can help reduce the usage of antibiotics for livestock farming. As feed additives, probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes have been found to be the most likely candidates to substitute antibiotics. Probiotics have shown growth promotion, strong scientific evidence for efficacy and and are being commercially used as alternatives to antibiotics. The increasingly stringent regulatory framework related to antibiotics and the increased efficacy of probiotics as a substitute is expected to be the major factors leading to the robust growth of the Probiotics segment of the Global Medicated Feed Additives Market.

Asia-Pacific Leads the Global Market

Feed production in the Asia-Pacific region suffered a minor setback in 2019, on account of the spread of African Swine Fever, especially in China and Southeast Asian countries. However, the market remains the largest geogaphical segment in the Global Medicated Feed Additives Market.

In 2018, the Chinese government launched a pilot program that aims at the elimination of antibiotics use in the livestock feed by 2020. Implementation of this new policy is likely to impact the feed industry in the country. Upgradation in the feed formulations, such as raw material composition, for meeting the need of animals at different growth stages, and feed production management, such as need to upgrade feed processing technology and drive formulation change, are the crucial factors expected to affect the feed manufacturers in the country.

Competitive Landscape

The Global Medicated Feed Market is consolidated with the top global and regional players occupying large market shares. Focus on quality through extensive investment in product Research and Development was the most adopted strategy of leading players worldwide. The major investments are directed to product line expansions and innovating new product to retain the existing customer base. The major players in the market are: Cargill, Inc., Phibro Animal Health Corporation, Zoetis, Inc., Alltech, Inc., and Kemin Industries, among others.

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