The Global Sorghum Seed Market is valued at USD 1160.8 million in 2019 and projected to register a CAGR of 3.6% during the forecast period.

  • The nutrition value, cost and availabality of sorghum over its substitute products is the most promising factor which is encouraging farmers to consider farmers to consider sorghum as a viable economic alternative to all its substitute products.
  • The inadequate government regulations are hindering the growth of the sorghum seed market. In Asia, particularly in India, due to heavy subsidies on fertilizers, farmers have favored rice, wheat and many other cash crops, indicating less adoption of sorghum cultivation.

Key Market Trends

Less Water Requirement and Cost of Farming

Sorghum, a cereal indigenous to Africa, benefits from its ability to tolerate drought, soil toxicities, and temperature extremes effectively than other forage crops.Water is increasingly becoming a scarce commodity. As a result, farmers have been seeking novel crops to grow more with the same quantity of water. Sorghum’s major advantage over maize and other competing crops is its low-input and low-risk characteristics, i.e., its adaptability to dry and less fertile areas. However, it is grown mainly in marginal areas under moisture stress conditions, but higher yield can be obtained when compared to other crops. This competitve advantage of sorghum over other crops is attracting farmers to grow more sorghum over other crops.

North America Dominates the Sorghum Seed market

There is a growing importance of sorghum forage production in North America, especially for forage has been growing as animal feed in the raising cattle and the other livestock, and at the same time the increasing profitability of sorghum forage in the export market, is encouraging farmers to take up sorghum forage cultivation in the region. The United States is one of the major exporters of sorghum silage, and China, Japan, UAE, Saudi Arabia and South Korea are the top five export destinations for the product. Thus, the rising export demand of the grain sorghum, especially from the massive Chinese feed industry, is expected to boost forage seed sales from the commercially operated sorghum forage farms in the country.

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