The research service analyzes the global truck video safety solutions market (2018-2025) and presents an overview of growth opportunities and implications. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)’s safety compliance and enforcement program—Compliance, Safety, And Accountability (CSA)—fleets must improve safe driving practices and reduce risks through the use of advanced safety technologies. Fleets must also evaluate the return on investment (RoI) of safety solutions based on a system’s ability to improve driver behavior and performance, which directly influences the fleets’ operating economics and collision costs. Growing awareness regarding video safety solutions in North America and Europe has drawn the attention of telematics and safety system vendors and they are looking to enter the market. The integration of telematics, safety systems, artificial intelligence, and machine learning with video safety solutions—to offer a one-stop-shop solution—will be the key trend of the future.

Why the Connected Trucks Market?
  • By 2020, about 30 million trucks across the world will be connected.
  • Nearly 40% of fleet managers are of the opinion that connected trucks are a “must have”.
  • With smart roads and smart cities, smart trucks will become a necessity.
  • All ecosystem partners can avail a high value proposition.
  • The trucks of the future will allow users to easily pay for fuel, toll, parking, and infotainment, among other things, in real time.

Key Features
This study features key market trends, competitive landscape, solutions’ pricing and packaging, business cases, global revenue forecast, and breakdown of solutions’ contribution by geography, vehicle segment, and solution type. Profiles of key vendors, including Lytx, SmartDrive, GreenRoad, Samsara, Omnitracs, MiX Telematics, Netradyne, and LIGHTMETRICS, are also featured. Growth opportunities have been clearly mapped with a call to action for stakeholders for improved decision-making.

Key Issues Addressed
  •     What is the current status of the market? What are its future prospects?
  •     What is the market forecast for 2025? What are the key solutions in the current market scenario and what are some of the upcoming solutions that will be in demand?
  •     Who are the major market participants and what are the business models adopted by them?
  •     What are the upcoming technological trends that will gain prominence in future?
  •     Which are the emerging regions where penetration of video safety solutions is anticipated?