Smart meters are the bedrock component of a future smart grid. The smart meter market is driven by the reduction of non-technical loss, their essential role in effective integration of renewable energy, and government initiatives and regulations. Global AMI metering market revenue grew 29.8% from 2017 to 2018, reaching $6,931.5 million; revenue is expected to reach $7,898.3 million by 2025. China will remain a key market as it replaces first-generation meters, but a wave of second-generation metering in the United States, Canada, and Italy also will drive growth. Significant growth also is expected in the Asia-Pacific region and India.

Leading companies are now looking at positioning themselves as trend-setters for emerging business models by incorporating a products-to-services smart metering portfolio, and providing customized offerings to utilities, such as smart meter as a service and infrastructure as a service. More companies are consolidating to gain a competitive advantage through comprehensive product and solution offerings across the smart energy value chain.

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