Market Overview

The UAV Navigation Systems Market is projected to grow with a CAGR of more than 18% during the forecast period.

  • The increasing proliferation of UAVs in both Civil and Military applications is the main growth driver for the market
  • Advancements in electronic warfare have necessitated the adoption of autonomous capabilities in drones, which, in turn, is propelling technological developments in the market.
  • Miniaturization of electronics has played a key role in the development of advanced navigation and guidance systems without adding much overall weight to the UAVs.

Scope of the Report

The navigation systems in the UAV enable the controlling of the flight parameters like the geographical position and the altitude of the UAV with the help of the flight management systems and embedded data link systems. The market study covers the following aspects of the UAV Navigation Systems.

Key Market Trends

Military Segment is Expected to Register the Highest Market Share in 2019

In terms of application, the military segment has a higher market share in the UAV navigation systems market compared to the civil and commercial segment. The main reason for the higher share of the segment is the increased proliferation of the UAVs into the military sector, due to their enhanced capabilities in providing situational awareness to the ground troops. In the UAV market, the revenues from the military segment comprise more than 80% of the market, which gives a glimpse of how much the segment dominates the global UAV industry. Compared to the civil and commercial segment, the UAVs in the military require better maneuvering capabilities with precision navigation and guidance, as they need to perform complicated tactical missions, which is the main reason for the high cost of the navigation systems in military UAVs. Also, the increased autonomous capabilities of the UAVs in the military are demanding complex system-level architecture of the navigation systems in the UAVs, thereby increasing their market revenues and supporting the growth of the segment.

North America is Anticipated to Account for a Major Share in the Market in 2019

Currently, North America holds the highest market share in the UAV Navigation Systems Market, due to the high usage of UAVs by the defense forces in the US. UAVs are increasingly being used in North America for various applications including aerial photography, border security, law enforcement, weather research, emergency response, forest fire monitoring, scientific data collection, logistics and last-mile delivery, and traffic monitoring and control. However, the military segment remains the biggest demand generator for the UAVs in North America, as the US military procures and operates a large number of UAVs every year. With the increasing UAV usage, the demand for UAV subsystems like the navigation systems is increasing in the region. This, coupled with the presence of a large number of UAV manufacturers in the region, is the main reason for the high market share of North America in the UAV navigation systems market.

Competitive Landscape

Some of the prominent players in the market include HEXAGON, SBG Systems SAS, DJI, Collins Aerospace, UAV Navigation, among others. As the products in the market range from small GPS systems of a small drone to the complete navigation system of the class 5 UAV, a large diversity of the products means that there will be a lot of small to big players in the market. However, there are very few acclaimed players in the market providing complete navigation and guidance systems to the major UAV manufacturers, whose revenues comprise a large percentage of the market share. Technological innovations will help the players to gather new contracts, especially with the military customers who dominate the customer base. For military customers, advanced navigation and guidance capabilities are necessary, as they give the armed forces a competitive edge on the battlefield. Hence, defense forces are willing to trade huge amounts for innovative products in the market, which is an opportunity of growth for the players.

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