Market Overview

The File Integrity Monitoring Market was valued at USD 607.98?million in 2019?and is expected to reach USD 1355.71 million by 2025, at a CAGR of 14.3% over the forecast period 2020?- 2025. Increasing demand for cloud-based solutions is coming in trend which can enable businesses to proactively investigate endpoints and identify system file and process vulnerability gaps at strategic intervals to ensure that measures can be taken to keep system hygiene sound and compliance posture up to date.

  • Increasing threats to data security is driving the market. The total number of reported cybersecurity incidents witnessed a steep increase over the past few years, leading to increased emphasis on data security and protection. The formation of hacking groups that deal with ethical and large-frame hacking, causing huge losses, has created a dire need for cybersecurity in the market for which the demand of file integrity monitoring system is increasing.
  • Increasing need to control organization data and spot human errors is driving the market. According to the 2018 Verizon Data Breach Report, phishing and pretexting account for 93% of social breaches, and email and poor user password practices is the most common attack vector, where mistakes happens usually. So, the growth of demand is incraesing for file integrity monitoring market.
  • Financial constraints and high Innovation costs is restraining the market. Due to extremely high costs and product complexity in various applications in end-user industries, the market faces a challenge to grow.

Scope of the Report

File Integrity management (FIM) solution highlights and alerts as soon there is a change in these critical files and by whom including the admin which can accelerate the response time in case of any intrusion. The file integrity monitoring market has been gaining traction because of the reduction in the detection of intrusion in the network and its capability to successfully comply with numerous regulations in various applications in retail, BFSI, healthcare, etc.

Key Market Trends

Healthcare Sector to Increase the Market Growth

  • Breaches are widely observed in the healthcare sector and can be caused by many different types of incidents, including credential-stealing malware, phishing attack, etc. According to HIPAA, on average, healthcare data breaches cost USD 4 million, with an average financial loss of USD 355 per stolen record yearly.
  • Traditional FIM solutions take a very narrow look at integrity and they simply establish a baseline to determine if any additions, modification or deletions have been made to the target files or directories and alert on those changes in healthcare, where the hackers may get chance to breached the perimeter security.
  • Data loss prevention (DLP) and file integrity monitoring (FIM) technologies often go hand in hand in healthcare. Privilege freezers are a technical solution that allows the least possible amount of access and helps make sure only the appropriate people can access certain files, systems or networks.
  • SolarWinds Threat Monitor, an IT Operations Edition is a SaaS security tool purpose-built to find and respond to threats for lean IT operations teams protecting critical data (e.g., PII, ePHI, EMR/EHR). It discovers new network assets and detects intrusions, empowering healthcare IT teams.
  • Tripwire is cbersecurity solutions for the modern enterprise protect against cyberattacks with the industry’s best foundational security controls. It protect healthcare infrastructure from cyber attack while maintaining compliance with healthcare regulations and uses automation to detect all changes and to re-mediate those that take a configuration out of policy.

Asia-Pacific to Witness Fastest Growth

  • Asia-Pacific is estimated to present lucrative opportunities to the market in the near future. Factors such as increased need for security in growing industries, an increase in the need for the protection of high-value targets in organizations and regulatory compliances are driving the adoption of file integrity monitoring solutions in the region.
  • The small and medium sized businesses are transforming to hybrid cloud environment in Asia-Pacific from legacy on-premise environment. This has been triggered by numerous factors as the hybrid cloud environment provides scalability and the security concerns.
  • Asia-Pacific countries are being used as launchpads for cyberattacks, either as vulnerable hotbeds of unsecured infrastructures where numerous computers can be infected easily for large-scale attacks or as centres for a single point of attack to gain access to the hubs’ global connections. So the demand of file integrity monitoring system is rising in this region.
  • China’s controversial Cyber Security Law (CSL) aimed at protecting China’s networks and private user information with their new law. It includes power and utility providers, transportation services, and financial institutions, with including any foreign company that is a key supplier to a ’critical’ sector or holds significant amounts of information on Chinese citizens, whcih increases the demand of market in this country.

Competitive Landscape

The file integrity monitoring market is fragmented as the vast majority of the global players functioning in the market are taking steps to raise their market footprint, by concentrating on product diversification and development, which increases the rivalry in the market. Key players are McAfee, LLC, Tripwire, Inc., Cimcor, Inc., etc. Recent developments in the market are -

  • March 2019 – Tripwire, Inc., a leading global provider of security and compliance solutions for enterprises and industrial organizations, announced the expansion of Tripwire ExpertOps to include vulnerability management as a managed service. With this addition, organizations with limited in-house cybersecurity resources can take advantage of the Tripwire ExpertOps service to maintain a strong foundation of security, from vulnerability management (VM) to security configuration management (SCM) and file integrity monitoring (FIM).

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