The increasing media attention to mobile security issues, BYOD adoption along with the GDPR and PSD2 regulations are some of the key factors that drive the demand for MTD solutions. Besides, there is an overdue need for organizations to secure their mobile endpoints. The disproportionate attention to desktop and mobile security has left the importance of mobile devices’ protection in the periphery of executives’ vision. Just like computers, modern smartphones transmit sensitive data and have access to a corporate network. Unlike traditional endpoints, however, mobile devices are often left unprotected and can be used by cyber adversaries as a stepping off point into an organization.

A vendor with experience in Mobile Threat Defense is well-positioned to assist organizations in strengthening their overall security posture.Our research highlights that MTD vendors must continuously innovate to gain a competitive edge both from technological and marketing perspectives. Industry leaders that already demonstrate an unquestionable commitment innovation and growth are recognized as best practice recipients.

The Frost Radar in the European Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) Market is an analytical publication that reveals the competitive positioning of MTD providers on the European continent. The companies are positioned on the visual tool in accordance with Growth and Innovation scores. We conducted research and uncovered Mobile Threat Defense industry leaders that appear on the Radar. The publication also contains individual company profiles that provide an overview of the MTD provider, the company’s positioning on the Radar, its strengths, as well as future opportunities in the European market.