"Global Parkinson’s Drug Market & Clinical Trial Insight 2025" Report Highlights:

  • Global Parkinson’s Disease Prevalence & Statistics
  • Global Parkinson’s Drug Market Opportunity: US$ 8 Billion
  • Parkinson’s Drug Clinical Pipeline: >250 Drugs
  • Clinical Insight on Marketed Parkinson’s Drug: 30 Drugs
  • Anti-Parkinson’s Drugs - Availability, Dosage & Price Analysis
  • In-Depth Insight on More Than 250 Drugs In Clinical Trials

The parkinson’s drug market is currently witnessing exponential growth and emerging as a huge therapeutic market segment with unexplored potential. Presence of a vast variety of therapeutics as well as development of new approaches for management of parkinson’s disease is indicating towards a bright future of parkinson’s drug market. This therapeutic market segment has open multiple opportunities and avenues for pharmaceutical, biotechnological and life science companies due to vast diversity in the targeting mechanism of drugs against the different symptoms of parkinson’s such as dementia, tremor, rigidity and slow movements.

“The Parkinson’s Drug Market Is Expected To Reach US$ 8 Billion By The Year 2025 Driven By Robust clinical Pipeline & Development Of New Therapeutic Drugs Class For More Effective And Safer Treatment Of Parkinson’s Disease.”

The clinical pipeline of anti-parkinson’s drug is very robust as more than 200 clinical trials are under investigation and several new drugs are about to get approved, that are different from the traditional anti-parkinson’s drugs. The leading pharmaceutical companies are working for the development of new therapeutic drugs class for more effective and safer treatment of parkinson’s disease. The investments related to parkinson’s drug research and development is also increasing continuously and the subsequent approval of new anti-parkinson’s drugs is expected in upcoming years. Currently, about 10 new drugs are in later stage of clinical development and are expected to get approval within next 3-4 years. The leading Pharmaceutical Players working in this segment are Novartis, GSK, Pfizer, Roche, UCB, etc.

Further, the intense research and development in parkinson’s drug segment has led to discovery of many new compounds, which are currently showing prominent action in various phase of clinical trials. Many of the new anti-parkinson’s drugs are expected to be a blockbuster products, once they come out of the clinical pipeline and are commercially available in the market. Currently, parkinson’s disease is an untreatable complication and hence several research works are under investigation for the development of permanent cure of this disease. The leading pharmaceutical players are incorporating novel therapeutics such as monoclonal antibodies (Roche’s PRX-002) and CRISPR gene editing technology, for developing effective and permanent treatment of Parkinson’s disease. So, exponential growth in the market size of anti-parkinson’s drug is expected in upcoming years.

The report “Global Parkinson Drug Market & Clinical Trial Insight 2025" provides a thoughtful insight about the market and also the various trends and the opportunities that are allied with the dynamics of the market growth. The key strategies adapted by the different market players are in a well-differentiated segment in the report. The research study provides both quantitative as well as qualitative assessment about the challenges faced by the market and the drivers leading to the growth of the market.