Biosurfactants are becoming an attractive alternative for conventional surfactants. This transition is gaining importance as product developmental efforts in application areas such as cosmetics, personal care, and agriculture have already received satisfying results after shifting toward non-crude-based surfactants. There is also a significant push toward adoption of eco-friendly alternatives across the globe owing to rapid changes in regulations around material use that is aiding the R&D efforts towards biosurfactants.

This research service titled, “Disruptive Innovations in Biosurfactants,” provides an understanding of various types of forms of biosurfactants based on feedstocks such as, oil seed-based, cereals, insects, algae, and lignocellulose. This research service describes the technology capabilities, manufacturing processes, and future prospects in development of biosurfactants. Additionally, it also captures the various factors that influence adoption and the application prospects in various industries. This research service also highlights the disruptive innovations that will enable the use of biosurfactants to meet the needs of various applications