India’s automotive industry is gaining significant momentum due to rapid economic growth and profitability. Indian government’s “Make in India” initiative played a major role in promoting start-ups in the country typically in the automotive industry. Increasing population, urbanization, and emphasis to curb carbon emissions to maintain CAFE standards led to the research in lightweight materials for passenger vehicles as well as civil or defence aircraft.

The packaging industry is seeing transformation in the past few years in India. Ban on single-use plastics and emphasis on utilizing recycled and reuse material to reduce dependency on fossil fuel sources such as crude oil import are encouraging start-ups to innovate environment-friendly packaging materials that can reduce the impact on the environment and human health.

Energy storage is also one of the potential areas where Indian start-ups have shown interest in the past few years. Government initiatives such as mobility electrifying plans coupled with installing renewable power source to reduce energy security issues are augmenting the growth of start-ups in energy storage field.
This research study has identified utilization of futuristic processes and raw materials in the field of lightweight automotive components, bio-based plastics, batteries and packaging. It also provides an assessment of material start-up ecosystem and includes the following modules: