The current study discusses the novel enzyme technologies for enzyme discovery and improvement such as directed mutagenesis, metagenomics, artificial intelligence and computational biology approaches and highthroughput technologies used for generation of enzyme variant libraries. Additionally, novel enzyme applications and potential applications in medical sciences such as enzymes as cancer therapeutics, enzymes used to dissolve blood clots, enzyme used for production of active pharmaceutical ingredients, enzymes in digestive and gastrointestinal disease treatment, enzymes in diagnostics and enzyme based biosensors are covered. Enzyme replacement therapy and enzymes used in antibody-drug conjugates generation are also reviewed.

Bacteriophage endolysins are being developed as next generation antibacterials (enzybiotics) to counter antibiotic resistance make into this study. The later part of this study mostly deals with enzyme expression systems, cell based and cell-free enzyme expression, and production including continuous processing, process intensification as well as enzyme purification with brief introduction about enzymes in medical detergents.