Thailand is one of the fastest growing countries in ASEAN, and enterprises in all the verticals are eager to use ICT as a stepping stone for improving the internal and external operations. Companies offering ICT services are trying to improve the quality of services that they offer to clients currently. The study covers the telecommunication market, cloud and data centre market, IoT market, managed security services market, EDS market, and digital marketing market. Most of the industries in Thailand are using technology to offer better service to the end customers.

The Thai telecom market is expected to witness a continuous decline in traditional voice services. External competition is threatening to disrupt the telecom business model. OTT providers like Line, Skype, and Whatsapp have already disrupted voice, video, and text messaging revenue. Demand for data services accessible through mobile networks has grown rapidly. Customer demand is slowly shifting from product to service. Participants must adapt their business model and their position along the value chain.

With respect to data, Thailand’s Internet bandwidth demand continues to grow, particularly international bandwidth. Thus, telecom should expand available bandwidth by increasing investment in international links.

Thailand is one of the countries that are growing fast, and the country has developed a decent ICT infrastructure over the years. This has resulted in good growth in usage of cloud computing services. Digitisation is one of the main drivers of cloud computing in Thailand. Thailand is strategically positioned with Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, and a small part of China; due to this, many companies are interested in opening data centres here. The Thai Government's National Digital Economy Masterplan and Thailand 4.0 initiative to transform the country into a digital economy would help in getting more demand for data centres in the country.

MSS is one of the fastest growing markets in Thailand. Most of the financial institutions use managed security players to protect their IT infrastructure from external attacks. The MSS market is expected to have a double-digit growth during the forecasted period. With respect to digital marketing, growth in mobile Internet marketing is expected to continuously increase in the upcoming years despite a significant decline in the overall digital advertisement growth rate.

IoT adoption in Thailand has been growing fast in both consumer and business segments. One reason that drives the growth of the IoT market is Thailand’s readiness in network infrastructure, with AIS and True providing NB-IoT network nationwide, while CAT Telecom offering LoRaWAN