The manufacturing sector is one of the foundations of the Indian economy. It is imperative that India invests in emerging technologies and research for the growth of the factories of the future. The Indian government has been prompt in realizing the importance and value addition of manufacturing to India and have unlocked several investments to sustain its position in the global market. Government initiatives are promoting global investments, collaborations, and global companies to set up plants in India. This way the Indian manufacturing sector will begin its journey into the realm of digital and connected era meeting international standards of manufacturing.

The constant support from the government and the FDI has initiated the evolution of new partnerships that focuses on adoption of technologies associated with industrial internet of things (IIoT). Technology-driven processes will further offer customers visibility and transparency surging growth of the Indian manufacturing market to become a manufacturing hub and a knowledge center in the future. The Indian market is slowly opening its wings toward offering services and technology that aim to support and transform the existing and upcoming manufacturers. With high returns expected from automation technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), industrial software solutions, older generation must invest to experience the vast benefits of industrial technologies to extract the true potential of the business.

Key questions answered in the study:
  • What is the next phase in industrial operations ?
  • What are the global trends and implications of industrial automation?
  • What is the impact of industrial automation in India?
  • What are the factors impacting digital technology adoption in India?
  • What are the key funding and initiatives encouraging adoption of industrial automation ?
  • What are the industrial automation technologies and some of the key participants in the Indian market?
  • What are some of the strategic shifts that will reshape current manufacturing businesses in India ?