Medical implants are devices implanted inside a human body to restore body function or monitor and treat chronic conditions. Driven by the rapid advances in the scientific development, rising demand for high quality of life, and increasing aging population and chronic diseases, the medical implant market is growing consistently.
Medical implants also pose physical risk on account of implant failure. Failure of implants burden the patients physically, financially, and emotionally. The success rate of the implants can be improved by exploiting nanomaterials and nanotopography to modify the surface features, which interact with the surrounding tissue.

This research service (RS) is a study on the impact of the nanomaterials on the performance of the medical implants. Innovations in the surface technology of different medical implants have been detailed. The RS will focus on the drivers and challenges in the industry. Emerging growth opportunities and IP activity in the area of the medical implant industry employing nanotechnology have also been discussed.