The global agricultural chelates market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.7% from 2019 to 2025.
The global agricultural chelates market size is estimated to be valued at USD 0.9 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 1.5 billion by 2025, recording a CAGR of 7.7%. The usage of fertilizers and micronutrients for correcting and preventing micronutrient deficiency is a key growth opportunity, which is projected to encourage the adoption of agricultural chelates to enhance yields.

Fruits and vegetables are projected to be the largest segment during the forecast period.
Fruits and vegetables accounted for the largest share in the agricultural chelates market in 2019. This is attributed to the increase in the profit margins, rapid urbanization, and the rise in awareness of health benefits associated with fruits and vegetables, which are considered high-value crops. Many Asian Pacific countries such as India, Australia, and China are the major exporters of fruits and vegetables across the globe, due to the high demand for tropical fruits and vegetables, and high cropping intensity. Increase in the FDI in these regions has also contributed to the increase in the cultivation of high-value crops, such as corn, soybean, and canola.
The EDTA segment is projected to be the largest segment during the forecast period.
On the basis of type, the agricultural chelates market is categorized as EDTA, EDDHA, DTPA, IDHA, and others. With the growing soil degradation and nutrient deficiency of soil, there has been a rise in the adoption of agriculture chelates to enhance yield. The EDTA segment is projected to be the largest segment, during the forecast period, due to its ability to bind with micronutrients, such as iron, calcium, zinc, manganese, and copper. Along with EDTA, chelates are comparatively less expensive and easily available. These factors are projected to contribute to the growth of the EDTA segment in the market.

Europe is estimated to account for the largest share in the agricultural chelates market.
In 2019, Europe accounted for the largest share in the market due to the increasing number of acquisitions, agreements, and developments from major players in the market, such as BASF SE (Germany), Nouryon (Netherlands), and The Dow Chemical Company (US). The adoption of precision farming techniques, such as greenhouse, the export of fruits and vegetables, and sustainable agricultural practices have also led to an increase in the use of agricultural chelates. Countries such as Spain and the Netherlands are the key exporters of fruits and vegetables in this region and have led to an increase in the growth of the market for agricultural chelates.

Break-up of Primaries

  • By Manufacturer (Designation): Managers & Executives - 60%, Junior-level Employees - 20%, and Managing Directors - 20%
  • By Designation : CXOs – 30%, Managers - 50%, and Executives - 20%
  • By Country: US – 20%, India – 55%, Romania – 20%, China – 5%

Leading players profiled in this report
BASF SE (Germany)
Nouryon (Netherlands)
The Dow Chemical Company (US)
Yara International (Norway)
ICL (Israel)
Haifa Chemicals Ltd (Israel)
Syngenta (US)
Nufarm Ltd (Australia)
Aries Agro Ltd (India)
The Andersons, Inc. (US)
ATP nutrition (Canada)
Manvert (Spain)
BMS-Micronutrients NV (Belgium)
Wilbur-Ellis Company (US)
Compo Expert GMBH (Germany)
Greensmiths, Inc. (US)
Agmin Chelates Pty. Ltd (Australia)
Van Iperen International (Netherlands)
Valagro SpA (Italy)
Shandong Iro Chelating Chemical Co., Ltd. (China)
Protex International SA (France)
Deretil Agronutritional (Spain)

Research Coverage
This report segments the agricultural chelates market based on type, crop type, micronutrient type, mode of application, by end use and region. In terms of insights, this research report focuses on various levels of analyses?competitive landscape, end-use analysis, and company profiles?which together comprise and discuss the basic views on the emerging & high-growth segments of the agricultural chelates market, the high-growth regions, countries, market disruption, drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges.

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