The rising advancements and implementation of artificial intelligence in assisting systems powered by automated solutions help the users in restaurant reservations, ordering food and other similar services. The customer support service industry is gaining momentum especially with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence technology, which has further assisted in enhancing the customer experience. This, in turn, has encouraged the businesses to adopt AI-powered customer support services, leading to the growth of the market.

Various factors that are estimated to boost the growth of conventional AI market in upcoming years include 24/7 availability of customer support with better customer assistance and availability of services, and AI-powered support solutions that are providing businesses the ability to provide reliable customer support.

About 85% of all customer support communications and related services will be conducted without engaging with customer service representatives for the major task options. Further, nearly, 42% of B2C customers have shown more interest in purchasing the utilities from the outlet after experiencing good customer services. Similarly, about 52% of customers stopped purchasing due to a single disappointing customer support interaction. Collectively, these factors are projected to boost the market growth in the forthcoming years.

Growing adoption of chatbots & Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) is projected to fuel the market growth over the coming years. Chatbots help customers to get an instant response to their problems and get them solved quickly. Additionally, the rising adoption of automated services is anticipated to propel the market growth.