The focus of this research service is to analyze the drivers and restraints that affect the growth of the South American power rental market. Despite the current economic and political crisis, the region has strong economic conditions in place to ensure continuous market development. Factors including increased awareness among customers, demand consolidation, and added-value services are likely to drive demand for power rental equipment during the next five years. The study also addresses the future and present market opportunities in South America as well as the challenges faced by industry participants in the rapidly changing environment.

Research Scope

The current market size for 2019 and forecasts till 2024 have been provided.  Revenue has been tracked and forecasted by country, namely for:
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Chile
Key Issues Addressed
  • Is the market growing, and at what rate? What is the anticipated growth between 2019 and 2024?
  • What are the key trends in the South American market? Are the rental power solutions offered today meeting customers’ needs, or is additional development needed?
  • What are the current applications and use cases of rental power solutions across different verticals?
  • What is the impact on the energy sector? How will the structure of the market change with time?
  • What are the leading companies that leverage rental power solutions technology in the energy sector?