This research service presents the opportunities for monitoring solutions based on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) across the upstream, midstream, and downstream segments of the oil and gas industry. The study presents information on the various market trends with respect to sensing, monitoring, and emerging IIoT-based solutions in several sub-segments; this includes exploration, drilling and completion, and production in the upstream segment; natural gas liquefaction and regasification, transportation of oil and gas in the midstream segment; and refining, storage, and distribution in the downstream segment.

This global research service also provides information on the size, such as annual production volume, annual production capacity, of the above end-user segments by key regions and countries across the globe. The regions include North America (the United States, Canada); Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago, Rest of Latin America); EMEA and Russia (Russia, Germany, Italy, Norway, United Kingdom (UK), Spain , France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Iran, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria and Rest of EMEA); and Asia-Pacific (China, India, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Taiwan, and the Rest of APAC).
The study also analyzes key trends in the end-user segments. For instance, Russia, followed by Iran, will be significant gas producers in EMEA and this trend is likely to continue in 2019 and 2020. The study analyzes the top emerging monitoring and/or IIoT applications in different end-user segments on parameters, such as key features, benefits for end-users, potential market- entry barriers for the particular application, and growth prospects for the application.

The study also includes the profiles of innovative companies providing the solutions in the emerging application areas. Company profiles include parameters such as revenue, ownership type, geographic presence, key solutions offered, target market segments, and strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat (SWOT) analysis. Some of the companies profiled in the study include WFS Technologies, Magseis Fairfield ASA, Cosasco, ClampOn, Sensorlink, Sensor Networks Inc., and Avenisense.

The study also highlights the main growth opportunities in the market and lists the key success factors to be taken into account by IIoT monitoring solution suppliers for oil and gas. The report also gives an overview of possible revenue streams and strategic approaches to be taken by different companies across the digitized oil and gas ecosystem to capitalize on market opportunities. Motor, pump, and compressor manufacturers, IIoT platform vendors, sensor solution providers, and cybersecurity solution providers can all benefit from the strategies offered.

The overarching conclusion of the study is that the demand for IIoT-based solutions will be driven by regulatory requirements, the need to minimize unexpected downtime, and the emphasis on minimizing loss from leakages.