Australia is one of the most mature data center services markets in Asia-Pacific. Despite facing intensifying competition from countries in the region such as Singapore and Malaysia, the market in Australia continues to expand.

Growth has been driven mostly by hyperscale cloud vendors, large enterprises, and highly-regulated verticals, such as Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI), which require strict data confidentiality and complete management control of their operations. Hyperscale public cloud service providers have been key in driving demand for data center services in Australia, particularly in the cities of Sydney and Melbourne. Many global public cloud providers (such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Google) have significantly increased their uptake of wholesale data center capacities in recent years.

Increasing demand for hyperscale cloud services, increasing enterprise data, SME’s increasing the outsourcing of data center services and government initiatives were undertaken to boost the data center growth are some primary drivers of data center services in Australia.

The Australian data center market also faces some restraints such as increasing property prices demanding greater capital expenditure, lack of trained manpower to handle complex data center processes, rising electricity prices which is impacting operational expenditure and lack a comprehensive understanding of power and cooling of data centers.

Additionally, escalating costs in the Sydney CBD region, especially with regard to average costs of prime land, have resulted in Australia’s cloud providers and multi-national corporations (MNCs) looking to base their local operations in other cities within Australia. Perth is emerging as an attractive city in terms of international connectivity to global markets.

This research service provides end-to-end analysis of the Australian data center market. It covers data center market overview, emerging trends, key locations of data centers and their significance, market drivers and restraints, present and forecast revenue, competitive positioning, and key strategic initiatives of the competitors. The insights and factual information provided in the research service is incorporated mainly from primary research and partly from secondary research.

Key Issues Addressed
  •     What are the expected growth rates and key drivers of growth for specific services areas?
  •     What are the driving and restraining factors that will shape the future of the data center services market in Australia?
  •     What are the significant developments in the data center service space in Australia?
  •     Who are the key participants in the market? What are their market strategies and initiatives?
  •     What is the competitive positioning of the key players in the Australian data center market?
  •     What are the key industry technology trends in the Australian data center market?