The medical imaging and informatics industry is evolving rapidly, and new products and solutions are launched every other day. As the reimbursement environment is transitioning from fee-for-service to value-based payment, vendors’ business models and value propositions are undergoing drastic changes. New evidence regarding the use of certain techniques in imaging is influencing changes in the standard of care. On a macro level, the government's policies on reimbursement and regulations tend to impact the performance of industry participants, if their internal teams delay the calibration of the strategic actions needed to thrive in this new environment.

To help its clients address challenges in an intensely competitive environment, Frost & Sullivan has introduced the Medical Imaging and Informatics Quarterly Insights tracker that will monitor market factors and significant events and qualitatively assess their impact on the industry; this will cover the diagnostic imaging, image-guided therapies, and imaging informatics segments.

Research Scope

The scope of this deliverable covers the following segments

Clinical Trends

  • Disruptive trends impacting the current ‘gold standard’

  • Trends indicating the  clinical adoption of new solutions /products

  • Important announcements from associations,  such as RSNA, ESR, ACR, and ACC


  • New product launches  and capabilities

  • Mergers & acquisitions

  • FDA & CE approvals

  • Major FDA & CE recalls/warnings

Policy and Regulations

  • Region-specific introduction of new regulatory approvals

  • Reimbursement achievements or setbacks

Event Highlights

  • Major events highlights in the quarter covering the major themes, derived by studying the messaging and communications, product launches, and product promotions at the event