The electronics industry has been in the forefront of technology adoption for advanced manufacturing applications. With the advent of smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0, the electronics industry is thriving toward being at the forefront of this technological shift. The scope of this research service titled “Electronics Manufacturing: Global Opportunity Analysis” is to determine the current and future advanced technologies, which will impact the electronics manufacturing industry. The technologies analyzed are: additive Manufacturing (3D printing), extreme lithography, cobots (collaborative robots), digital twin (DT) technology, metal injection molding, augmented reality, smart manufacturing, Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT).

Key questions answered in the study:
  • What are the manufacturing technologies impacting the electronics industry?
  • The drivers and challenges of the technologies?
  • Key participants providing the manufacturing technology?
  • Global analysis of current technology status and impact across the industry?
  • What are the manufacturing innovations driving adoption?
  • What is the future roadmap and growth opportunities beyond 2020?