Cyberattacks have been getting more and more sophisticated day by day and are causing substantial damage to enterprise assets. Companies undertaking digitization initiatives are being discouraged by the possibility of exposing their networks to devastating cyberattacks. These companies are looking to ramp up their security controls to support and protect their modernization efforts.

At the same time, the industry is faced with a scarcity of trained security analysts and companies are thus looking to implement solutions that can automate a major part of their workload. Cognitive Security solutions are addressing some of these pressing issues in cybersecurity and are aiding in the implementation of a proactive security approach, guiding security teams by using a predictive threat response.

In brief, this research service covers the following points:
  • State of Cybersecurity
  • Introduction of Cognitive Intelligence
  • Challenges and Implantation Areas
  • Cybersecurity by Industry Area
  • Companies to Action