Optical wireless communication (OWC) technologies, such as visible light communication (VLC) and free space optics (FSO) utilize visible spectrum wavelength for high-speed data communication, easing the congestion in lower radio frequency bands that are typically used for wireless communication.

With advancements in technologies, OWC is capable of enabling broadband Internet performance similar to that of fiber-optic transmission. Tier-1 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and government bodies are actively funding R&D activities in the OWC space to commercialize solutions on a larger scale. Frost & Sullivan’s research estimates exponential growth on demand for VLC and FSO solutions in the near term.
This technology and innovation report discusses R&D portfolio areas, various drivers and challenges for OWC technologies – VLC and FSO, and R&D strategies.

The report also discusses the various R&D initiatives of stakeholders and growth opportunities:
  • What is the significance of VLC and FSO technologies?
  • What are the key R&D portfolio areas?
  • Why are VLC and FSO poised to have a high impact on the retail industry?
  • How would VLC and FSO complement existing communication technologies?
  • What are the key innovations in the OWC domain?
  • What types of industries are likely to be impacted by OWC technologies?
  • What sort of strategies do stakeholders need to embrace to strengthen technologies?
  • What is the roadmap to mass-commercialize OWC in the long term?