Sensors are vital enablers of the Internet of Things (IoT), allowing a plethora of automated, connected devices that provide continuous feedback about their and can be remotely controlled. Sensors that are able to perform some processing and analysis on a wealth of data to provide the most important information with respect to their surroundings or a process or system’s operations will enable IoT to improve and proliferate. Such connected sensors will also improve performance of production systems, enable smart homes for improved management of household tasks, provide consumer goods with improved functionality and customer interaction capability, enable connected mobility (public and private transport), and enhanced environmental monitoring, food or produce monitoring, utilities monitoring, smart cities, and defense and public safety.

Sensors that are conducive to IoT need to have low power, low cost for economical widespread deployment, compactness and unobtrusiveness, self-diagnostics, self-identification, self-validation, self-calibration, minimal maintenance requirements, data processing to reduce the burden on gateways, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), cloud resources.

This research service, “Sensor Innovations Driving IoT,” highlights the key enabling technologies allowing sensors to impact IoT. It also offers insights on individual technologies, key innovations and applications, and industry initiatives and business development activities. The research service is focused on technologies opening up and proliferating opportunities for IoT by enabling more cost-effective sensors that are able to provide more meaningful data in a network.

Key questions addressed in the research service include the following:
  • What are the key sensor technologies and developments impacting IoT?
  • What are the key applications for IoT sensors?
  • What are the factors driving adoption and expansion of sensors in IoT?
  • What are the Industry initiatives and activities enabling increased adoption and proliferation of sensors in IoT?
  • What are key growth opportunities for sensors in IoT?