The oil and gas industry has seen by many as major source of pollution in the world. Chemicals such as carbon dioxide and methane have been released to the atmosphere. The cumulative volume of both gasses, along with other harmful substances are massive. Decades of harmful emission has led to serious consequence, particularly on the deteriorating atmosphere’s health which is referred as global warming. This event, if not carefully managed, can lead to irreversible state such as long droughts and shrinking sea ices. The seriousness of global warming has prompted world leaders to take drastic measures in order to prevent catastrophic consequences from taking places. United Nations Member states have launched Sustainability Development Goals consist of 17 key areas. As part of moral duty, companies in oil and gas industries are expected to fulfill Sustainability Development Goals agreed by the United Nations Member states.

This research service discusses on a number of key trends that oil and gas companies are involved with to promote sustainability and preserve the environment. In addition, it also discusses on the possible future scenarios of oil and gas companies in sustainability area.