Industrial production lines are undergoing transformation to adapt to the competitive market. As factory of the future becomes real, inter-connected devices autonomously enable flow of data, allowing automated analysis. Automation requires machines that are highly technologically advanced to derive reliable results.

With manufacturing shop floors transforming into smarter and connected environments, measurement systems will also witness a shift. Operational activities in the value chain will be positioned closer to avoid bottleneck and delayed supply of product to market. Metrology systems will be moved to improve the status quo of finished products and provide a more flexible production environment. In this way, each part’s status can be monitored from raw material stage until packaging stage in real time.

Key Questions Addressed in the report
  • What is the traditional scenario in manufacturing quality inspection?
  • What are the key evolution areas?
  • Which are some of the advancements initiatives?
  • What are the challenges in traditional inspection systems ?
  • What are the commonly adopted technology solutions in embedded metrology ?
  • Who are the leading participants in the embedded metrology market ?
  • What is the global presence of the technology?
  • What are the factors driving adoption of the in-metrology solutions ?
  • What steps and measures must developers and end users adopt to stay ahead in the market ?