Report Scope:
In the current competitive environment, businesses need to continuously evolve to sustain and succeed. Information technology solutions such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, content delivery networks and others have become a key component of the business and these technologies help businesses in creating unique products and services which are more relevant to their field. Artificial intelligence is currently being used to analyse data in several fields such as education, retail, life sciences, healthcare and others. AI is not only being used to analyse data but also to synthesize new data, such as new visual content. Also, significant development of quantum algorithms has further improved the computational performance of AI. Effective implementation of AI help companies in understanding their customers with a new depth of granularity. As companies increase the digitization of their operations, more solutions can be development which can improve the holistic experiences of the customers.

Over the last year, there has also been a significant improvement in the field of additive manufacturing. Many industry experts believe this technology to evolve from the protype phase to full scale implementation especially in the automotive industry. Usage of 3D printing helps automotive companies to innovate faster, create new markets, produce new parts and reinvent their existing supply chains.