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The content of this report will be updated with the latest scenarios based on the global COVID-19 Pandemic

Increasing rate of urbanization in developing as well as under developed countries ensue substantial growth of houseware market over the forecast period. Surge in gross tourist arrivals is further strengthening the houseware market over the forecast period sustaining the growth In complementary industries such as hospitality. Growing hospitality industry translates to the amelioration of houseware market over the forecast period.

Europe holds the largest volume of sales and is consistently curates growth of the growth of the market. Countries such as Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom stand as key growth market for houseware market over the forecast period.

Rise in the trend of street food across various markets in the region of Western Europe, Asia and North America Street food proceeds to the growth of Kitchenware across the globe.

Urbanization and increase in population manifests substantial increase in the demand of various elegant cooking and serving items in middle income groups inhibits growth among of kitchenware market segment across the developing regions over the forecast period.

Ecommerce players of online food delivery such as Zomato, Uber Eats and Food Panda accents substantial expansion food business exhibiting growth of Kitchenware market due to influx in the demand of cookware
Cookware is expected to emerge as one of the the fastest growing market segment on the heels of a significant rise in the street food penetration in various developing and developed nations. An increasing trend of the western cuisines coupled with increasing establishment of various caf? and bars and restaurants is supporting the demand for houseware. Additionally, increasing introduction of various types of plates, cookware and cutlery at economical prices is expected to establish opportunities for the new manufacturers to entre the market.

Asia Pacific countries such as India and China lead the market in terms of the growth rate in the forecast period. The elevation in houseware and kitchenware market in these countries on the back of rise in the per capita income and increasing urbanization is expected to witness considerable growth which is further complemented by rising youth population. Additionally, increasing prevalence of international food chains is expected to boost the use of houseware and kitchenware sets across the commercial sector.

The high volume of alcohol consumption in European and North American countries and rising consumption of it in Asia Pacific region penetrates the growth of houseware such as glasses and crystals. Demand for elegant intake of alcohol exudes simultaneous growth of glass ware and crystal ware providing significant opportunities in it.

Fondness and prevalence of multiple cuisines apart from traditional cuisines are penetrating various kinds of houseware and kitchenware in non prevalent regions. High demand of Chinese and Indian cuisines have elevated the demand of China clay and steam cookware houseware and kitchenware in North America and Europe whereas, in Asia, inclination towards continental, Greek and Italian food had evolved the market for pyrex ovenware